Sri Lanka Platform

In July, 2021, Sri Lanka Platform was officially launched in the Sri Lanka embassy in Beijing, China. The platform was initialed and led by the Sri Lanka Embassy in China.

The core business of Sri Lanka platform is to further promote Sri Lankan tourism culture, special products, investment opportunities, etc., The platform will be the bridge linking China and Sri Lanka for the cultural, economic and trade exchange as well as the business cooperation.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful and warm island in South Asia, known as the pearl in the Indian Ocean. After the founding of New China, Sri Lanka is the first batch of countries to have diplomatic relationship with China. Rubber-Rice Pact agreement is the milestone of China-Sri Lanka friendship in the history. 

Sri Lanka has the original tourism resources, as well as special local products such as Ceylon tea, gems, spices, aromatherapy, rubber, fruit, and seafood products, etc. Ceylon tea is one of the most famous three black tea in the world. Pure and noble blue sapphire is very popular and well-known in the world. Sri Lanka also has rich marine resources and wide range of sea area. The seafood like yellow fins and crab from Indian Ocean are deeply loved by Chinese foodies.

Sri Lanka Platform will actively respond to the "One Belt, One Road" initiative, striving to build a comprehensive multifunctional service platform, integrating commodity sales, tourism service, cultural exchange, international trade, consulting and organizing events.