Investment Funds

Yuquan Fund, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hairong Group, is a professional equity investment fund management company, and its main investment areas are:

Energy and environmental protection industry: garbage bio-safety disposal and renewable energy output projects, service managed mode of industrial environmental protection project, including chemical, petroleum, steel, industrial park projects.

New material industry: carbon fiber composite materials, titanium alloy materials, ceramic materials, non-metal composite materials, etc.

Medical and pension industry: hospital investment, medical equipment, medicine, comprehensive pension industry projects.

Robot industry: artificial intelligence, service robot industry.

Agriculture industry: animal husbandry, water industry, deep processing of food, food circulation industry.

Supply chain finance: global trade, financing and investment of oil, natural gas, minerals, grain, food and other staple commodities.

The PPP(BOT) projects of national government.

Fund Business Models

Fund Business Models (1) Yuquan fund treats “industry guiding fund” as the key development direction of the company. The founder of the company has a lot of experience in the field of fund investment, and has been highly recognized by the provincial and municipal government partners, accumulated a lot of government resources. Through the market expansion in the investment model of “industrial guiding fund” and “core industry resources”, the scale of the fund and asset management will be rapidly expanded.

(2) Through portfolio investment model of “Buyout Fund+Equity Investment Fund”, Yuquan Fund looks for high quality unlisted enterprises worldwide as the investment target, and systematically integrates industry resources through the injection of funds, optimal management, development of the market and other methods, building China’s top industry clusters in ways of IPO and mergers and acquisitions of enterprises.

(3) Yuquan Fund makes full use of capital advantage to carry out international and whole industry chain asset integration, and forms the competitive advantage of industrial monopoly through this model.

(4) Yuquan Fund has perfect “external independent partners” and “internal project partners” system, and it safeguards the rights and interests of partners and stimulates their potential through the agreement on the distribution of the excess returns of the investment projects signed by both parties.