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About Hairong

Hairong Investments Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hairong Group”), is an international investment group co., ltd., which concentrates on the core businesses of energy and environmental protection industry, medical and pension industry, supply chain finance, agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery industry, tourism industry, comprehensive industrial park, etc.

Hairong Group has reached a strategic cooperation with the World Organization of Governance and Competitiveness for the UNSDGs (WOGC), and it upholds the three principles of WOGC: cultural exchanges, economic cooperation and philanthropy, undertaking national investment projects.

Hairong Group cooperates with the investors from the world’s top 500 institutions in China and provides project resources and investment support to the underdeveloped countries in South Asia, Latin America, and Africa to achieve the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

President Message

We are all earthmen, and are divided into closed countries because of the race, geography, politics, religion, and history.

We are all earthmen, who have the right to live on earth, have the right to share the bounty of the earth, and have the right to roam the world as free men.

We are all earthmen, and we have the ability to reschedule new life in the tumultuous 21st century when the economy is developing rapidly, science and technology are changing with each passing day and the Internet is everywhere.

Our ideal is:

Through our investment in the green energy industry, agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery industry, medical and pension industry, supply chain finance, tourism and entertainment real estate and other fields, we can help the developing countries in South Asia, Latin America and Africa to develop the economy, improve the level of income and improve the living environment, sharing the fruit of world economic development.

We want to build a “global village” without borders, and to provide a green leisure station, a spiritual harbor, a piece of pure land of spirituality and a home that you can go or come whenever you want to each person who loves free life.

President Mr. Pan Liang:
About the President

Pan Liang

Graduated from Renmin University of China and Tsinghua University

President of Hairong Group of China


Group Culture

Core Values

Internationalization, Specialization, Culture

Our Vision

Hairong Group adheres to the values of “internationalization, specialization and culture” and becomes a world-class comprehensive investment company.

Our Mission

Hairong Group invests in the national-class whole industrial chain projects in the global scope to realize the goals of wealth increment and feedback the society by charitable activities.

Our Ideal

To build a global village project with an international perspective and the humanistic spirit to advocate the concept of slow life, and to provide a comfortable leisure station for every free spirit.

Our Responsibility

Invest in operation projects with humanistic philosophy; Manage investment assets with high responsibility; Create and share social wealth with the principle of mutual benefit.