Hairong Group Chairman Pan Liang met the delegation from Ningbo National High-Tech Zone

2018-05-14 15:15

May 9, 2018 afternoon, Mr. Pan Liang, Chairman of Hairong Group, accompanied by Mr. Gao Zhan, Deputy General Manager of China National Technical Import and Export Corporation (CNTIC), met with Mr. Huang Liqin, Director of the Management Committee of Ningbo High-Tech Zone at Genertec Tower of CNTIC. Mr. Cheng Jun, General Manager of Huize Rongchuang (Beijing) Investment Management Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhao Yu, General Manager of the Second Division of CNTIC, and Mr. Zheng Hao, Deputy General Manager of CNTIC, accompanied them. The meeting mainly communicated with the introduction of foreign High-Tech complete sets of equipment in Ningbo High-Tech Zone.


Mr. Pan Liang, chairman of Hairong Group, thanked the leaders of Ningbo Hi-tech Zone and introduced the overview of Hairong Group. Hairong Group has committed itself to global infrastructure, energy, new material, tourism, real estate, mining and the other fields. Now there are undergoing projects in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the other countries. In addition, Mr. Pan also stated that he is a Zhejiang native and has special feelings for Zhejiang. He is therefore more willing to implement projects in Zhejiang itself.


Mr. Huang Liqin, Director of the Management Committee of Ningbo High-tech Zone, said that the project is in line with the national strategic direction and is a good project for the country and the people. It can bring great economic and social benefits to the local community. Mr. Huang communicated with Hairong and CNTIC about his concerns, and all parties answered the relevant questions. Mr. Huang said that after going back, he will study policies on land, taxation, electricity, etc., and make an exclusive report to Ningbo City and make a reply on the project as soon as possible.


At the meeting, all parties unanimously agreed to conduct further research on the project. It is hoped that all parties can continue to strengthen communication after the meeting and look forward to reaching cooperation on this project and other projects in the future.