Hairong Group Chairman Pan Liang met the Pujiang Delegation from Zhejiang Province

2018-05-04 09:46

2nd of May 2018, Group Chairman Mr. Pan Liang participated the project symposium at the Genertec Tower in Beijing. The key participants are Mr. Shi Zhenqiang, the Secretary of Pujiang County Committee, Mr. Yu Zhenxian, the Chairman of Pujiang County’s People’s Congress, Mr. Zhao Shiqiang, the Deputy County Mayor. General Manager Mr. Zhao Yu, Deputy General Manager Mr. Zheng Yi of the 2nd Complete Import and Export Department of China National Technical Import Corporation. The topics of the symposium are project information communication, technology know-how, collaboration negotiation.


At the beginning of the meeting, DGM Mr. Zheng welcomed the delegation of Pujiang County and Hairong Group, he encouraged everyone speaks out freely, to understand each other and about the project as deep as possible, and he wished the implementation of the project comes as soon as possible.


Then, the Secretary of Pujiang County Committee Mr. Shi expressed his gratitude to CNTIC and Hairong Group. He introduced about the marvelous achievement Pujiang has done in environmental protection and pollution control. Pujiang always follows the Chairman Xi’s initiative “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.” Further he introduced that, Pujiang is one of the world’s largest artificial crystal manufacturing place. But the technology is out of fashion, the value-addition is low, the quality is poor, and the worst is it generates numerous solid waste. While with the devotion of the Pujiang people, within only 3-years-time, Pujiang became the cleanest county in Zhejiang Province from the most polluted place. Mr. Shi said, he will never forget the endeavor of the Pujiang people in dealing with the disposal of the solid waste. That is why in the future development of Pujiang, he will always concentrate on three major issues: 1. Enhance the disposal of the solid waste. 2. Crystal industrial transformation. Aiming the hign-end market. 3. Establish a crystal village, it will be the only crystal village in Asia.


Then the Chairman Pan Liang gave his speech. He emphasis that, his home town is also in Zhejiang Province. He thought high of the achievement of Pujiang. It reflects that Mr. Shi is a pragmatic civil servant. Secondly, he said, the topic of today’s symposium and current situation of Pujiang perfectly matches each other. This is a significant project to the state and its people. It will break the blockade on techniques set up by the western countries, I will expedite the breakthrough of our state’s technical development. First, this project won’t generate any waste, it will match the Euro environmental standards. Second, the raw material can be extracted from Pujiang’s solid waste, it will turn the waste into wealth, it will not only solve the solid waste issue in Pujiang, but also will increase the added value dramatically. With this project, Pujiang will become the new focus of China even of the world.


Thereafter, the parties conducted a long and detailed discussion about the project. Pujiang delegation showed their great interest in this project. Mr. Shi expressed that, the parties should keep exchanging the project information, if the project is feasible and genuine, the local government of Pujiang will contribute everything to facilitate the implementation of the project. At the end, Mr. Shi invited the Chairman of Hairong and other participants from CNTIC to Pujiang, to experience the real Pujiang by themselves.